Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Testimonial and Gesture from home seller

Thursday, March 8, 2018

I just sold 3132 Hillside Ave in Cheverly, MD. with instant equity for my clients! The awesome story is how with a language barrier we effectively communicated through the entire process.

Sold and settled!
Successful bank/foreclosure sale for my first time home buyers in sought after Cheverly, MD on a small street, 3132 Hillside Ave.

It is a split level home with 3 bedrooms upstairs with  a good size kitchen and a nice deck off of the dining room.

The lower level features a family/t.v. room and side entrance to the yard, as well as the 4th bedroom and full bath.  A few steps down, the open basement features the laundry room and a good size play area.

And, the buyers already have instant equity in the home as it appraised above sales price!

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I am very thankful that the buyers were referred to me be a past client.  Other than buying or selling another home with me, the best compliment is referring me to your family, friends and relatives who are thinking of moving.

In addition the lender and the home owner's insurance person were excellent and I would never hesitate to refer them.

In any sort of working relationship, communication is a big key.  The buyers and I had very effective communication, which is particularly important for me to stress as there was a language barrier. We connected, understood each other and I was able to work hard to ensure they secured the purchase of this new home.

We had a full service settlement with a language interpreter...if you have friends and family where there may be a language barrier, we can work to have someone at settlement.   The inspector offered for a fee to have a language interpreter at the inspector, but the buyers passed on it.

As a realtor, I found this client's home buying process to be particularly rewarding and am so happy to have secured for them their new home at 3132 Hillside Ave in Cheverly, MD.

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An interesting note:  sometimes the land records and tax records show a home being located in different cities.  In this case, the home was listed as being in Cheverly, while the land records showed it being in Landover.  Neither is wrong.  If you ever notice this with a home you are in the process of buying, selling or already own, you should not be alarmed, and, at the same time, feel comfortable asking the settlement attorney about this to make sure it isn't an error.
I am here for them and will do whatever I can for customers to literally understand what is going on during their purchase or sale. In fact, the home inspector offered to include in fee an interpreter as well.  This is a real important service and value when people are signing papers for a massive purchase like a house.
I consider it my job to make sure my sellers and buyers understand the entire  home selling/buying process and work to meet whatever needs their may be, whether it is what times work and don't work for showing/seeing homes, what kind of loan(s) and home owner's insurance policy will work best for them, work through commuting issues to the best possible solution and working to have a language interpreter when necessary.
Who do you know that is looking to make a smooth move and needs a hard working, efficient realtor who will do whatever he can to make the selling/buying experience easiest and most pleasant for clients?  Even if they aren't looking to move now but have real estate questions or want to talk about the real estate market, I would be delighted to either reach out to them or them reach out to me...whatever is easier for them.
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 I am thankful for and always have time for your referrals.
Life is good!
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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Strategic marketing of my listing at 11106 Bybee Street and complete seller confidence resulted in the home going under contract with 10 plus bids over sales price!

My listing at 11106 Bybee Street in Silver Spring, MD

received 10 plus offers, including 2 with no contingencies!

Under contract in 8 days over list price with no contingencies!

If you are thinking of moving, list with me for sold results!
I have a fresh list of buyers who may love your home!

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Unfortunately the owner of the home passed away in the fall.  His son regularly came to the area to, of course visit his father and to check on the house.  As the son checked on the house and leafed through the mail he saw my marketing pieces and invited me to meet him toward the end of January.  We talked about the house, the local market, what I suggested should be done to the home and whether we would be a good fit for each other.

Two days later he gave me the key to the house as well as to the car in the driveway---in case it needed to be moved for any reason and I managed the agreed upon home repairs over the next weeks.  It was tricky because we were having 1 contractor take care of interior and exterior work while there was uneven weather, and understandably the contractor wanted to make the most efficient use of his time and come to the house when work could be done simultaneously inside and outside of the home.  At the same time, the contractor knew I wanted the house to go on the market right after President's Day Weekend and I needed to give the photographer enough lead time to take pictures without falling behind schedule.  Thank goodness the contractor did a great job and we were ready to go to market by our target date.

A few days before going to market, the owner's son and I talked.  I told him the work was done, the home looked ready to go, I was ready to put it on the market and gave him a final suggestion on what price we should list the home at.  

The home went on the market the Thursday morning after President's Day Weekend and I we had 8 showing requests that first day!

We had amazing traffic on the home the entire weekend including...


Three agents contacted me and asked if their buyers could have home inspections prior to writing offers to eliminate any inspection contingencies in their offers.

I went to bed that Wednesday night with 9 offers in hand and a very detailed spread sheet of the offers for my seller to review.  Overnight the terms of some offers changed, a few more offers were submitted and there were more more showing requests.

The seller's son and I met late Thursday morning and he had a very difficult decision.  We had a few really good offers over asking price and 2 offers had no contingencies at all ---no inspection, financing or appraisal contingencies!  Just a clear path to closing.  

He thought over the offers and by Thursday night we were under contract and I had a few happy seller.

I am so grateful that my marketing efforts worked as they resulted in an introduction that I might have never received.  I never met or was referred to the late owner or his son.  Upon meeting we immediately connected.  He had complete confidence, trust and faith with everything I planned to do to give him sold results.  He was there whenever a question needed to be asked, whenever I followed up and he never tried to "manage me".  

In addition to marketing, I attribute so much of the success to date on the listing on the owner's son being enthusiastic, trusting, confident in me and giving me the liberties to do what I thought was best and, again, I will say without him every trying to be on top of me or managing me.   We are under contract and hopefully will go to a smooth contract.  

Whether you, a family member, friend or colleague at work is thinking about moving, has a real estate question or wants to talk about the market, please pass my contact information to them.  The best way to reach me is by cell/text/whatsapp:  (301)943-4370 or  I would love to meet them, appreciate your referrals.

Life is good!

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