Sunday, October 25, 2009

My new listing in Silver Spring,MD: 4 bedroom split level

Welcome to 1014 South Belgrade Road (corner of South Belgrade and Lamberton Drive)
in Kemp Mill Estates.

4 bedroom,3 full bath split level with 3 "off street" parking spaces.
1 bedroom on second level with private vanity. Master bedroom + 2 other bedrooms upstairs.

Your new home is on the first side street as you enter the neighborhood from Lamberton Drive.
Fabulous location.
Many of life's necessities just steps away: Kemp Mill Shopping Center, Kemp Mill Park, Parkland Pool, Public Transportation and more. You and your car will love all of these conveniences.

Please click on the link below for more information about your new home and contact me with questions and/or to set an appointment to see your new home.

Life is good!


Adam Bashein
Licensed in MD & DC

Weichert Realtors
7821 Tuckerman Lane
Potomac,MD 20854
301-718-4100 ext. 132

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Testimonail from a client who relocated from out of state to MD-DC for a job

"October 12, 2009

Several months ago,my husband and I had the pleasure of working with Adam Bashein to find a rental unit. We were moving to the DC area from out-of-state and were in town for only a few days.

During the apartment-finding process, Adam was helpful, responsive, and accessible.
Because we only had a few days to find a place to live, we were under pressure to work quickly.

Adam took time to understand the criteria that we were looking for in a new home.
He returned our calls promptly and willingly answered our questions. Thanks to Adam's diligence,we were able to find an apartment that met our criteria in a few short days.

We are thankful to have Adam as our realtor for finding our current home and would highly recommend him to any of our friends in the area."

I take pride in making every client feel like my most important client, regardless of whether he or she is buying,selling or renting and independent of how much money I will have earned from a successful transaction.

Testimonial from a satisfied home buyer who recently purchased a home near University of Maryland

"Adam is a delight to work with. He is hard-working, caring, and enthusiastic. He has a wide network of contacts, both for finding sellers or buyers, and for finding service providers. Definitely top notch!"
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Lender disclaimer as the date for The First-Time-Homebuyer Tax Credit Approaches. How to strategize if you are a buyer or a seller?

If you are a first-time-homebuyer and are counting on the $8000 tax credit with your purchase (double check with your lender on your eligibility and if you are eligible for the full amount),
check in with your lender and ask if his/her office/broker is making any disclaimers on their ability at this point in time to close your loan on or before 11/30/09 (currently people are lobbying to extend the date,but it hasn't been extended as of today).

I spoke with one lender yesterday whose company is sending out a disclaimer to buyers who they are working with, saying that the lender isn't liable if their loans don't close on or before 11/30/09. Why would a lender send out such a note? Things can happen that prevent settlements from closing and/or the loan from closing on the date of the proposed settlement.

The lender is protecting him/herself from potential claims/ law suits, if any first-time home decide to seek an $8000 claim from lenders (if 11/30/09 comes and passes and settlement on their new home hasn't occured). This is a good business move by the lender to cover him/herself. Will other lenders send out such a disclaimer to their clients? I would not be surprised. Lenders of course want your business. This lender is just making a disclosure the way home sellers make disclosures/disclaimers about their homes before buyers make a decision whether to go forward and make an offer on the home or to continue their home search.
I am meeting with buyers tonight to look at homes in Potomac and Rockville Maryland tonight. I will also discuss how a possible solution for them, if settling doesn't occur on or before 11/30/09. I also have a great strategy for sellers to make their homes more attractive to first-time homebuyers.

I believe at looking challenges in the eye and being solution oriented. If that is what you are looking for, let me know. It would be a priviledge to work with you and or be referred by you to someone you know who is buying or selling a home.

Happy Settlements!

Life is good!



Adam Bashein

Licensed in MD & DC

Weichert Realtors

7821 Tuckerman Lane

Potomac, MD 20854

301-718-4100 ext. 132

Friday, October 9, 2009

FHA Appraisal and Property Requirements

One of my clients in Montgomery County, Maryland is purchasing a home using an FHA Loan. We had a contract ratified and recently had a home inspection. Below is a link reviewing FHA's overall standards and requirements,which we looked at to get an idea of what to expect from my client's lender (after he receives the appraisor's report).

I thought that if you are considering purchasing a home with an FHA loan,you may find this link
to be beneficial. provides the overall FHA requirements.
The Content is current as of 10/12/07.

Consult with your lender or I can refer you to a lender for more information on loans on which loan would be most advantageous for you to use. There are homes for sale which may not be eligible for FHA loans...
we'll talk about this in our home buyer consultation and as we go through the home purchasing process together,if we come across such homes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Providing References to potential clients

Interesting take: at yesterday's home inspection in Silver Spring, Maryland, my client's home inspector said that when people ask him for references,he says no. To find out more about me,look me up on the internet. Am I really going to give you the name(s) of somebody to contact who isn't going to say anything other than I walk on water.

You were already referred to him; met him in person on purpose/by accident and decided to talk to him down the road when you had a use for his services;you saw an ad he placed;you saw him on the internet; or other. Whatever led you to discuss business at hand,it was obviously compelling to you and you decided to enlist his services. So, in his view there is no reason for you to ask for references other than shopping price.

I think most of us are "taught to ask for references", and if we don't, we are being careless. But,he does have a point. I would only provide sterling references. If you were in sales or interviewing for a job,wouldn't you only provide excellent references?

I think references help validate a potential client's instinct on retaining your services and can talk about the quality of your work,anything unique about the transaction,how you are to work with,the type of personality the person you may retain has and help you decifer if their is a good match between you and the contractor. If somebody asked you to provide references,how would you respond? If you asked somebody to provide references and he or she said no,how would you respond?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Honest and Sincere appreciation from a client

From start to finish Adam Bashein has helped me, my wife and our new born son get into our first house! We were so pleased to have him assist us throughout the whole process. We were so pleased that Adam was always punctual and so well versed in the home buying process. We felt a genuineness from him that many individuals these days seem lack. Adams attention to ours needs as far as location and price were met to the T. If me and my family decide to by again I can say without pause, Adam is someone we can count on.
Tucker Stubbs