Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cork and laminate flooring

Thinking of installing new floors? Cork flooring is "in" and supposed to good for people with back problems. Cork flooring is resistant to the mold and mildew commonly associated with other types of flooring. It does tend to cost more money than other types of flooring. As far as cleaning,a damp rag is suggested,but not a mop. Cork offers an unusual appearance, warm surface, and can enhance most decor, but it can be permanently damaged by heavy objects and sustain discoloration if consistently exposed to strong sunlight. Read warranty on the flooring.

A tip if you own a home or are looking to buy a home and the wood laminate floor feels like it might be too soft/have too much give. Ask your home inspector to check the flooring for moisture and to also check for the quality of the plywood underneath the flooring.

Part of my service to you is referring you to contractors for home improvements, whether the are for you to enjoy while you live there, to enhance your home before selling it or you want to get the cost for a home improvement on a home yhou ar considering buyig. I am here whenever you or soembody you know needs me. I appreciate and always have time for your referrals.

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