Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good morning!

I wanted to share with you my website, which I have had for a while.
The main domain name I give people to find me on the web is My actual website is, but the above domain I think is easier to find and it is linked to my website.

Here is a true anecdote from yesterday morning through this morning.

Yesterday morning another satisfied client referred me to friend. She called me to discuss their current situation and moving plans. At the end of the conversation I promised to email her some homes to get a feel for her & her husband’s tastes when we meet tonight.

This morning I checked my email and there was a note from my website that a person found me and requested that I contact her. It was the person I spoke with yesterday. Through my website she gave me her email information, cell number and confirmed tonight’s appointment. It would be my guess that she didn’t receive an email from me last night, which I did send. She probably thought, with the time being before 8 a.m., that it was too early from an etiquette standpoint to call me, which I greatly appreciate, and that she wanted to send the email out before going to work.

Upon comparing her email address to the email address in my sent box, there was a character difference. So, I clicked ‘forward’ on the email I sent last night, copied and pasted the email address from my website and sent the email to her again a short while ago.

I am delighted that she thought to search for my website in order to follow up and reach me. It also delights me that that the domains which I have purchased for my website, made it easy to her to find me.

Please see below. For privacy and protection I have changed the actual contact information

You have received a request from your website,

The customer's contact information is shown below.
*First Name: Z.
*Last Name: X.

*E-mail Address:

Phone (with area code):000-000-0000

Inquiry Message: Hi Adam- here's my email address so you can send me those links today. see you at 7. Z.

This is one anecdote I will add in my presentation to potential clients. My website has value! In addition the way people can use my website (and I am humble enough to say my website can always be improved), the domains which I have purchased and continue to purchase make it easier, more likely for buyers (which by the way is fantastic for my sellers to know as it will also give their homes an extra online previewing through my website!) and sellers to find me.

If you know someone considering selling or buying a home, I always appreciate and have time for your referrals. In addition to giving me their contact information, please give them my contact information so they can find me. I am anywhere you need to be in Maryland and DC.

Life is good!

Licensed in MD & DC
Call: (301)943-4370
Adam Bashein
Weichert Realtors
O. (301)781-4100 ask for Adam
Licensed in MD & DC

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