Thursday, June 7, 2018

The interesting real estate history of a local home.

Front of the house which didn't originally exist when house was built!

House of the day with some interesting history.
A spacious 5 bedroom and 3 bath rambler in a cul de sac near Georgia Ave and Layhill Rd.
Originally the back of the house used to be the front of the house, I believe before the cul de sac and neighboring houses existed. Below is "the original front" and what is now the back of the house.

Original front of the house (now the back of the house)

So you left the house on a different street than the street is currently on.  The home's original address may be different than the home's current address!
The owner put an addition on the house, converting the front of the house into the back of the house while the other houses on the street were being developed. That makes a lot of sense because the other houses on the street look different in style and in build.
Perhaps because of the way the lots in the cul de sac were subdivided,
 the owners of the home didn't think they could gracefully create a full driveway and/or garage.
My client and I were looking at possibilities to extend the driveway and/or add a garage

I love coming across unique homes with history behind them.

Doesn't HGTV have or used to have a show called What's up with this house?

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