Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Beth Joshua Program for families looking to relocate near Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy and Beth Joshua in Rockville, Maryland

The Beth Joshua program is run by me alone. It is entirely subjective. I am looking for families to locate near MJBHA and Beth Joshua. I am willing to make a $20,000 loan which hopefully will be forgiven in the future. The loan will be made to couples (hopefully with one or more children. If no children, there must be expectations that eventually, G-d willing, there will be children). The couple must be orthodox, shomer Shabbat of a hashgafa that is reasonably in line with MJBHA. Both parents must be Jewish, and it must be two parents (husband and wife). The man must expect to be at almost all Shabbat and Chag minyanim when in town, and to be in town most Shabbossim. The couple must expect to send their children to MJBHA through at least eighth grade unless there is a very compelling reason otherwise.
The loan will be forgiven when all the following have occurred:
(1) The couple has lived in the community ten years.
(2) The couple has children who in the aggregate have attended MJBHA for twenty school years.

The above is specific, but to qualify, I must talk to at least one of the husband or wife, and I have always been able to let someone know after one conversation. This is not a guarantee, but an expectation.

I am presently in Israel. It would be best if one of them contacted me first by E-mail. Feel free to share the above information.


website for Beth Joshua Congregation

If you or someone you know wants to talk about your purchasing power and look at homes in Rockville,contact me any time.
I greatly appreciate and always have time for your referrals.

Life is good!


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