Thursday, October 11, 2012

I just received this testimonial from happy buyer--nearly 2 months after I sold a home to her!

"I was assisted by Adam Bashein to buy my first condominium. I would highly recommend Adam to be your real estate agent.  Adam was extremely patient in answering my multitude of questions, many which I asked more than once,  and he was  always available when I needed assistance and made time for me.  He also went above and beyond to help me and represent what was in my best interest.  In addition to getting some closing cost help from the seller, Adam found a way to to save me an additional couple hundred dollars in closing costs at no additional cost to the sellers(which cannot always be done).   He also stayed level headed and helped me keep perspective in a challenging negotiation." - J.L.

J.L. purchased her condo in Rockville nearly 2 months ago.  I almost always ask for testimonials before if not by settlement, when the transaction is fresher in the client's head.  J.L. did thank me profusely for working with her and said she would refer
me to people in the future, but never had written a tesimonial.  I will say that receiving a testimonial after a significant amount of time after a transaction occurred is very heart warming and made my day.

Let me make you or your friend's day today!  If you or yours is thinking of selling or buying a home in Maryland or Washington, DC, contact me for a free no hassle consultation!  Even if you aren't in the market but have a real estate question or comment, contact me any time.

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