Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting somebody to call you,even months after you met

During the spring I held many open houses for a home on Briardale Drive in Derwood,Maryland trying to sell the listing,or if I didn't sell that house,at least connect with the people who came to my open houses.

After open houses I call,send notes,and type emails to the open house guests asking for feedback,if they have any questions on the home,any questions in general about real estate and how I can help them out. I continue to follow up with the open house guests,inviting them to future open houses I am holding at that home,in that neighborhood,price reductions on the home,other homes on the market and sales activity in the neighborhood.

So,at about 3:30 p.m. today I received an email from open of these open house guests who I hadn't heard from since March. They are preparing to put their home on the market,want to meet so I can see their home,talk about the market and see if we are a good match. Making positive impressions on prospects and following up does pay off...sometimes the next day,sometimes the next month,sometimes the next season and sometimes next year.
I am humbled that they have such a positive impression of me to invite me into their home.
What a great way to start September

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