Monday, September 14, 2009

Looking for a cost-effective,efficient way to market your neighborhood?

Whether you are selling real estate, computer services,cars or any product under the sun, the most important thing for you is to figure out how to get your message to your sphere or neighborhood in both a cost effective and efficient manner.

I was just given an opportunity,of course at a price,to buy an ad that will be:

(1)Name me as the sponsor of their post mailer;

(2)be exclusive as nobody else will be able to purchase an ad...whether they are also realtors or in another industry;

(3)Reach about 1600 people on the organization's mailing list,in a neighborhood where I am want more business.

(4)Where I won't have to "scrub" the list for do not mail as it is the organization's mailer

(5)Once I submitted my art,the organization coordinates the printing,addressing and mailing of the piece

The bottom line cost to me is going to probably be 10-12 cents a mailer, which may be half of the postage cost per piece, and if you do the math that way,then I am paying zero for the printing or addressing. This is my first month sponsoring the mailer and I have to decide how many to purchase in advance before other people seize the exclusive opportunity.

Sponsoring a mailer is a great way to get your name out there in a charitable manner,which will also promote your business and be very cost effective,I think. Look into local organizations and find out about being an "exclusive sponsor",even for a month if not every month. And, if other companies including competitors place ads in these mailers, it is even more important for you to participate to promote your business.

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