Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Using my own home in selling another home

Sunday was a busy day for me. I had an open house in the afternoon in Washington, DC and in the morning took buyers back for a second look at homes that we had already previewed in Kemp Mill,a subdivision in Silver Spring, Maryland.

My buyers and probably other buyers as well would have made offers right away on one of the homes,a 4 level split-level with a basement and sub-basement. The first time we looked at the home the floor in the kitchen was in dire need of repair,carpeting in the home needed cleaning or replacing. The home was big and bland. Kitchen cabinets and counters are probably original,baths should be updated.

I went back to see the home again on my own and noticed that the floor in the kitchen was repaired and that the carpeting was cleaned. Although the home still looked "original" these repairs make the home show much better. So I showed again to one of my buyers.
On Sunday I went back again with the buyers and a friend/mentor they asked to come along and to give his opinion on the condition of this home and a second home...a rambler on Kenbrook Drive.

The friend/mentor said that while the home needs some work,it is a good home and for the buyers to consider it. As we were going through the home,I thought to myself,I live in a 4 level-split 5 minutes from this house from Stonington and have done a lot of work on the house. Maybe if the buyers see my home,they will see the potential in the home on Stonington,which will either clinch their decision that they want to move forward on Stonington or remove it from consideration.

I always talk with buyers and sellers about sales comparables...other similar homes on the market and/or other similar homes that have sold. If the other comparable homes aren't on the market or unavailable to be seen,then buyers and sellers can go by the next best thing...a print out of the properties with pictures which the listing agent posted on the internet for the home. Fortunately,I realized that my home was a great comparable home for the buyers to actually see the inside of for what it is...even though my home isn't for sale. Don't let the rumors get started.

I will say that it was easier to act on the idea of showing the buyers my own home because we have established a rapport and are friends. I would probably be reluctant to bring somebody into my house who I don't know very well. But the point is that when you are selling,part of customer service that seperates some sales people from other sales people is to take advantage of all of their resources and to come up with out of the box ideas to help their clients.

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